PCM Technology is a Dutch company located in Ootmarsum, she is founded in October 2014, after an intensive cooperation between the two partners Salca BV and OC-Autarkis. Both partners are still working for a long time in the PCM business. PCM Technology produces at this moment PCM as liquid or powder and even filled in panels. Also is there a product called PCM Mat, it’s a noppfoil filled with 6 Kg PCM each square meter and only 14 mm of thickness specially produced for floorheatingsystems. Customer-specific we can also develop new PCM’s such as we did for a project with thermal PCM-bottles. For more information take a look at our homepage: www.pcmtechnology.eu .


At this moment we have a lot of projects, in buildingtechnologies. We are working now projects with climate ceilings based on PCM with a very high energy efficiency (50% energysavings) . This ceiling is easy to install and very nice to implement in renovation projects. For more information about these kind of projects please click on the link: Climateceilings

Datacentre-cooling is very “hot” at this moment. Concepts, which are very well developed and they take care of a very high energyefficency, energysavings on the electric energy for cooling of mare than 90% and a PUE of <1,08 is also possible. For more information click on the link:   Datacentre-cooling


  • PCM Liquid
  • PCM Powder
  • PCM Panels
  • PCM Mat ( Floorheating with PCM inside)
  • several types of PCM Customer-made