We offer a range of bio-based phase change materials under the trade name CrodaTherm™, a product range of Croda Industrial Specialties.

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Our unique bio-based phase change materials have high latent heats and a range of different melting points, making them ideal for use in various thermal management applications. This ranges from thermal regulation for the transportation of medical and pharmaceutical products to maintaining thermal comfort in buildings, optimising temperatures in high-end electronic devices and improving the energy efficiency of systems.

Sustainability and Manufacturing

All CrodaTherm materials are USDA Certified Biobased Products and contain a minimum of 74% renewable carbon content; most are 100% renewable. You can view our full list of registrations using the bio-preferred catalogue here.

We develop our PCMs in house, with our own dedicated scientists at our development centre, in Mevisa, Spain and we are able to manufacture globally with production sites in Singapore, USA and Europe.

We engage with customers and sell directly, using our own dedicated global distribution network. Wherever you are, we are, with Croda offices in every major country throughout the world.

Croda leads the way in sustainable manufacturing practices and has committed to become Land, Climate and People positive by 2030. You can read more about our sustainability targets here.

 CrodaTherm Benefits:

  • Sourced from renewable materials
  • High latent heat capacities
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Proven long-term stability through laboratory testing
  • Lower flammability than paraffinic alternatives
  • Safer handling
  • Biodegradable

Product Range

  • For more information regarding our phase change materials please visit our website here

Product Range

ProductLatent Heat (Melting) /J/gMelting Temperature /°CLiquid Density /kg/m3Bio-based Content
CrodaTherm Waxes (3LC)
CrodaTherm 5234489094
CrodaTherm 6.52197857100
CrodaTherm 9.52209858100
CrodaTherm 1520713896100
CrodaTherm 1920518850100
CrodaTherm 2121520850100
CrodaTherm 24W20723843100
CrodaTherm 2922328851100
CrodaTherm 3221132836100
CrodaTherm 3721636812100
CrodaTherm 4719747829100
CrodaTherm 5322052829100
CrodaTherm 6021560824100
CrodaTherm 742267585897
CrodaTherm Microencapsulated Waxes (DSC)
CrodaTherm ME 24XD16024
CrodaTherm ME 29D18329
CrodaTherm ME 29P18329
CrodaTherm ME 29XD16529
CrodaTherm ME 29DS17529
CrodaTherm ME 32D17532
CrodaTherm ME 32DS17532

Our products are named using the peak melting temperature observed when using differential scanning calorimetry, which results in the discrepancy between the product name and peak melting point reported.

All reported thermal measurements in the table are obtained using three-layer-calorimerty (3LC) for our waxes, which better represents the total heat capacity of the phase change material in the end application due to the larger sample size used during measurement. This is supported by RAL guidelines.

We also use differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), which only measures latent heat but this analytical technique uses very small samples for measurement (mg). This is more appropriate for microencapsulated products, which are often used in textile and surface coatings.

Contact us directly to learn more about our measurement techniques.

For more information regarding our phase change materials please visit our website here.