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RuhrTech is a China-based company who focuses on R&D of PCMs as well as related products. Guarding life with safe temperature control is our mission. We are dedicated to provide high-quality and cost-effective products to worldwide customers.


RuhrTech offers a wide range of bulk PCMs from -50 ℃ to +100 ℃. For further application, we also provide solid state PCM (heat sink film & heat sink colloid) as well as liquid state PCM (phase-change slurry, PCS). In addition, RuhrTech warmly welcome your personalized requirements.

Passive Cold Package

RuhrTech offers series of PCM gel pack and passive cold package. The products cover the whole cold chain from pharmaceutical industry to personal consumer.

Products Volume (l) Duration
Cold cover 1000 10 – 60 min
Cold pallet 1000 24 – 144 h
Cold box 4 – 160 24 – 144 h
Cold bag 4 – 160 10 – 60 min

Note: Personalized requirements are accepted.
P.S.: A real-time data logger can be integrated into the passive cold package.

Rental model in China

Currently, RuhrTech is providing a rental service in China. 42 warehouses and 5 central warehouses are distributed overall China that means wherever the cold packages are going, we can bring them back for next use. Our services are supporting worldwide pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations and logistics companies to benefit from cost saving but reliable high quality products.

PCM based heat sink films & colloids

PCM based heat sink films & colloids were developed for cooling and temperature control in the fields of electronic devices. The key features are listed as below.

PCM based heat sink film

Key specifications:
• Phase-change range:40 ~ 45 ℃
• Heat capacity:140 kJ/kg
• Thickness: 0.2 mm
• Flame retardant grade: V0

PCM based heat sink colloid

Key specifications:
• Phase-change range:37 ~ 40 ℃
• Heat capacity:140 kJ/kg
• Thermal conductivity:1,5 W/(m K)
• Flame retardant grade: V0
• Stability: no fluidity happens even if the colloid melts under 50~60 ℃