Sasol Germany, an innovative company in the chemical industry, produces customized products and solutions for the chemical processing industry. Worldwide, more than 3,000 customers rely on our diverse product portfolio to manufacture detergents and cleaning agents, paints and lacquers, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products as well as catalysts, high-performance abrasives and plastic additives.

Apart from our headquarters in Hamburg, we also operate production facilities in Brunsbüttel and Marl. Our plants primarily produce high-quality surfactants, fatty alcohols, ethylene oxide and inorganic specialties, for example high-purity and ultra-high purity aluminas. In addition, we produce a range of specialty chemicals including heat-transfer oils, phase change materials and high-purity triethylaluminium. In close collaboration with our customers, we continually develop and enhance our product portfolio and adapt our production processes to new findings and market requirements.

Sasol Germany is part of the chemical division of Sasol Limited. The South African company is an integrated energy and chemical corporation and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of synthetic fuels, employing more than 30.000 people in 33 countries worldwide.

We will be very happy to answer further questions about our PCM products. Please contact us at:

Sasol Germany GmbH
20537 Hamburg
Phone:  +49 2365 49-7571


Sasol Germany GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-purity linear paraffins, alcohols and ethers that can be extracted from synthetic or natural sources. The following products can be used for PCM applications:

  • Standard and high-purity paraffins (LINPAR®, PARAFOL®)

Particularly the PARAFOL product line is an excellent choice for PCM applications and features the following benefits:

  • Wide range of temperatures possible
  • High latent heat of fusion
  • Non-tendency to supercooling
  • Non-corrosiveness to conventional construction and storage materials
  • Very high cycle stability

You will find further information at:

Brochure PARAFOL