You will find an overview of our members´ PCM in the table below, presorted by their approximate phase transition temperature (status January 2022).

Please note:

  • Most of the PCM are not RAL certified (yet). You will find an overview of certified products here.
  • The phase transition temperature gives only a first indication if the PCM is suitable for your application. Please use the link provided under “More details” or contact the producer to find out more.
ProducerProductPhase transition temperature, approx. [°C]More details
va-Q-tec AG-67G -67
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS65N-65
Axiotherm GmbHATS -63-63
Axiotherm GmbHATS -50-50
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP -50-50
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE-50-50
va-Q-tec AG-50G -50
va-Q-tec AG-37G -37
Axiotherm GmbHATS -34-34
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE-34-34
Axiotherm GmbHATS -30-30
ISU ChemicalN-Par 10-30
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS30N-30
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP -30-30
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP -28-28
Axiotherm GmbHATS -26-26
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS26N-26
va-Q-tec AG-26G -26
Axiotherm GmbHATS -24-24
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP -24-24
Axiotherm GmbHATS -23-23
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS23N-23
Axiotherm GmbHATS -21-21
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP -21-21
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE-21-21
va-Q-tec AG-21G -21
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS18N-18
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE-18-18
Axiotherm GmbHATS -17-17
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP -17-17
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS15N-15
PureTempPureTemp -15-15
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE-15-15
va-Q-tec AG-15G-15
Axiotherm GmbHATS -12-12
ISU ChemicalN-Par 12-11
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP -11-11
Microtek LaboratoriesPCM Essential Blend-10
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS10N-10
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE-10-10
va-Q-tec AG-10G-10
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT - 9 HC-9
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS7N-7
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP -7_2-7
Axiotherm GmbHATS -6-6
ISU ChemicalN-Par 13-5
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE-5-5
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT - 4-4
Axiotherm GmbHATS -3-3
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS3N-3
va-Q-tec AG-03G-3
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE-2-2
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS010
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 00
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE00
Axiotherm GmbHATP 2+2
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 2 HC+2
RuhrTechOrganic PCM:OP2E+2
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM03+3
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesFS03+3
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 3 HC+3
Axiotherm GmbHATP 4+4
PureTempPureTemp 4+4
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 4+4
RuhrTechOrganic PCM:OP4E+4
Axiotherm GmbHATS 5+5
CrodaCrodaTherm 5+5
ISU ChemicalN-Par 14+5
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM05+5
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 5+5
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 5 HC+5
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 5_gel+5
RuhrTechOrganic PCM:OP5E+5
RuhrTechBiodegradable PCM:OP5+5
RuhrTechPhase change Emulsion:PCE5+5
RuhrTechPCM powder:TPP5+5
va-Q-tec AG+05G+5
Axiotherm GmbHATP 6+6
Microtek LaboratoriesPCM Essential Blend+6
CrodaCrodaTherm 6.5+6
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 7_gel+7
RuhrTechOrganic PCM:OP7+7
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM08+8
PureTempPureTemp 8+8
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 8+8
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 8 HC+8
ISU ChemicalN-Par 15+9
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 9_gel+9
CrodaCrodaTherm 9.5+9
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 10+10
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 10 HC+10
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE10+10
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 11 HC+11
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 11_gel+11
Axiotherm GmbHATS 12+12
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 12+12
CrodaCrodaTherm 15+15
PureTempPureTemp 15+15
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 15+15
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 15_gel+15
Axiotherm GmbHATP 18+18
ISU ChemicalN-Par 16+18
Microtek LaboratoriesPCM Essential Blend+18
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM18+18
PureTempPureTemp 18+18
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 18 HC+18
RuhrTechOrganic PCM:OP18E+18
RuhrTechBiodegradable PCM:OP18+18
RuhrTechPhase change Emulsion:PCE18+18
CrodaCrodaTherm 19+19
Axiotherm GmbHATS 20+20
PureTempPureTemp 20+20
CrodaCrodaTherm 21+21
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM21+21
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesFS21+21
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 21+21
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 21 HC+21
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 21 EK+21
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS22+22
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 22 HC+22
RuhrTechOrganic PCM:OP22E+22
va-Q-tec AG+22G+22
PureTempPureTemp 23+23
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE23+23
Axiotherm GmbHATS 24+24
CrodaCrodaTherm 24W+24
Microtek LaboratoriesPCM Essential Blend+24
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS24+24
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 24 HC+24
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 24 E+24
RuhrTechOrganic PCM:OP24+24
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 25 HC+25
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 25 E2+25
Axiotherm GmbHATS 26+26
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 26 E+26
RuhrTechInorganic PCM:RE26+26
Axiotherm GmbHATP 28+28
Microtek LaboratoriesPCM Essential Blend+28
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 28 HC+28
RuhrTechBiodegradable PCM:OP28+28
CrodaCrodaTherm 29+29
CrodaCrodaTherm ME 29D+29
CrodaCrodaTherm ME 29XD+29
CrodaCrodaTherm ME 29P+29
CrodaCrodaTherm ME 29DS+29
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS29+29
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM29+29
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesFS29+29
PureTempPureTemp 29+29
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 29 Eu+29
Axiotherm GmbHATS 30+30
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM30+30
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesFS30+30
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 31+31
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 31+31
CrodaCrodaTherm 32+32
CrodaCrodaTherm ME 32DS+32
Microtek LaboratoriesPCM Essential Blend+32
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM32+32
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM35+35
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 35+35
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 35 HC+35
RuhrTechOrganic PCM:OP35E+35
RuhrTechBiodegradable PCM:OP35+35
RuhrTechPCM powder:TPP35+35
RuhrTechPCM powder:TPG35+35
RuhrTechPCM film: PSF35+35
Axiotherm GmbHATP 36+36
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS36+36
CrodaCrodaTherm 37+37
Microtek LaboratoriesPCM Essential Blend+37
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM37+37
PureTempPureTemp 37+37
va-Q-tec AG+37G+37
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM42+42
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesFS42+42
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 42+42
Microtek LaboratoriesPCM Essential Blend+43
Axiotherm GmbHATS 44+44
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 44 HC+44
RuhrTechOrganic PCM:OP44E+44
RuhrTechPCM powder:TPP44+44
RuhrTechPCM colloid:TPG44+44
RuhrTechPCM film: PSF44+44
RuhrTechThermal Gap Pad: TGP44+44
RuhrTechThermal insulator: TIP44+44
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM46+46
CrodaSP CrodaTherm 47+47
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 47+47
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS48+48
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM48+48
PureTempPureTemp 48+48
Axiotherm GmbHATS 50+50
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM50+50
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 50+50
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 50+50
RuhrTechThermal Gap Pad: TGP52+52
RuhrTechThermal insulator: TIP52+52
Axiotherm GmbHATP 53+53
CrodaSP CrodaTherm 53+53
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 54 HC+54
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM55+55
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 55+55
Axiotherm GmbHATS 58+58
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS58+58
PureTempPureTemp 58+58
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 58+58
Axiotherm GmbHATP 60+60
CrodaCrodaTherm 60+60
PureTempPureTemp 60+60
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 60+60
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 62 HC+62
PureTempPureTemp 63+63
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 64 HC+64
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesOM65+65
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesFS65+65
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 65+65
PureTempPureTemp 68+68
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 69 HC+69
Axiotherm GmbHATS 70+70
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 70 HC+70
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 70+70
RuhrTechOrganic PCM:OP70+70
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS72+72
CrodaCrodaTherm 74+74
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS78+78
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 80 HC+78
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 82+82
Axiotherm GmbHATS 84+84
Axiotherm GmbHATS 89+89
Pluss Advanced TechnologiesHS89+89
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 90 HC+90
Rubitherm TechnologiesSP 90+90
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 100+100
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 100 HC+100
PureTempPureTemp 108+108
Rubitherm TechnologiesRT 111 HC+111