Dipl.-Ing. Michael Brütting
Magdalene-Schoch-Str. 3
97074 Würzburg
Tel.: +49 931 70564-323
E-mail: Michael.Bruetting@cae-zerocarbon.de

The Center for Applied Energy Research e.V. is a spin-off from ZAE Bayern. The CAE has worked in the ‎field of latent heat storage, namely Phase Change Materials (PCM) for approximately 25 years. The ‎work in research and development comprises PCM in general, their characterization as well as their use ‎in a wide range of applications.‎

One main area of CAE’s research in the field of Climate Neutral Buildings and Cities is the application of ‎PCM for heating and cooling purposes. Here PCM are integrated in construction materials or as energy ‎storage into the building technology, for example in cooling ceilings. Many of these technologies are ‎integrated into the new research building of CAE in Würzburg, called the Energy-Efficiency-Center, and ‎the effects of these energy-optimizing technologies are being continuously monitored and developed ‎further. In addition to applications in buildings, there is a large number of research and development ‎activities in new fields of applications, often assigned by industry-partners.‎

Within the research field of Advanced Thermal Management the CAE has developed customized ‎measuring methods and devices for various problems for over two decades.‎

As part of its work in the RAL Quality Association PCM, being one of the external monitoring institutes, ‎CAE supports the Quality Association in the development of methods for quality assurance. Being an ‎authorized testing institute CAE offers the possibility of determining the following testing criteria:‎

  • Enthalpy-temperature profile with m-DSC (Q2000 TA Instruments), MacroDSC (in-house-development), ‎T-History (in-house development)‎
  • Thermal conductivity: Hot-wire, plate appliance, rod instrument (all in-house developments)‎


Information will follow soon


Information will follow soon