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Croda Europe Ltd.

Email: CrodaTherm@Croda.com

Web:   www.CrodaTherm.com

We offer a range of bio-based phase change materials under the trade name CrodaTherm™

Our unique bio-based phase change materials have high latent heats and a range of different melting points, making them ideal for use in various thermal management applications. This ranges from thermal regulation for the transportation of medical and pharmaceutical products to maintaining thermal comfort in buildings and optimising temperatures in high-end electronic devices.

Sustainability and Manufacturing

All CrodaTherm materials are USDA Certified Biobased Products and contain a minimum of 94% renewable carbon content; most are 100% renewable.

We develop our PCMs in house, with our own dedicated scientists at our development centre, in Gouda, Netherlands. We engage with customers and sell directly, using our own dedicated global distribution network. Wherever you are, we are, with Croda offices in every major country throughout the world.

Croda Gouda leads the way in sustainable manufacturing practices, boasting self-sufficiency in water, and will be the first oleo-chemical site in Europe to generate electricity from glycerine water when it comes online in the near future.


  • Sourced from renewable materials
  • High latent heat capacities
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Proven long-term stability through laboratory testing
  • Lower flammability than paraffinic alternatives
  • Safer handling
  • Biodegradable

Product Ranges

  • Low Temperature PCMs
  • Ambient Temperature PCMs
  • High Temperature PCMs


For more information regarding our phase change materials please visit our website here