As latent storages, phase change materials that comply with the quality requirements of RAL-GZ 896 can be perfectly used for other systems or components in the future that have not been included in this webpage yet.

As a matter of principle, PCM can be used for all applications that require heat input (heating) or output (cooling) at a preferably constant temperature. Conventional sensible heat storage systems are unsuitable because their system temperature changes rapidly which results in a dynamic temperature change and normally in a non-constant heat flow, too. Illustrative examples for future applications could be coffee mugs that keep coffee hot for a long time, or bottles or containers for baby food that rapidly cool down their contents to the right temperature and maintain it for a long time.

Other industrial or automotive applications can make sense if there is a need for storing cold or heat and releasing it again at another time. A motor vehicle could, for example, store excessive motor heat in PCM and bring the cold motor to operating temperature before starting it the next day. This would improve both comfort and fuel consumption.

Other possible applications are heat pump systems that directly transfer volatile electricity from photovoltaic plants or wind turbines into heat and store it for later use. This would be heat storage systems that directly store electricity as heat with high efficiency.

PCM can be combined with many other systems to improve their performance or efficiency. In order to guarantee both reliability and performance of these applications, they should meet the specifications and quality requirements of RAL-GZ 896