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Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) and high tech Heat Storage Systems (PCM): Perfect temperature stability for many hours or days.

va-Q-tec offers a wide range of products, including highly efficient vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) and storage elements containing phase change materials (PCM).

VIP is the abbreviation for vacuum insulation panel. The principle of thermos flasks was transferred to panels. Vacuum insulation panels are highly insulated boards that provide an extreme thermal insulation at a minimum thickness that had been unheard of before. VIPs insulate far better than conventional insulations with the same thickness (e.g. 10 mm VIP = up to 100 mm EPS). VIPs are used wherever you want to achieve the optimal thermal insulation with only limited space being available. The va-Q-tec transport boxes are only one example. Blood banks and well-known pharmaceutical companies have used them to transport clinical studies for more than a decade already.

va-Q-accus®: temperature stable cold and heat storage thanks to PCM

va-Q-accus® contain a phase change material  (PCM). These cold and heat storages protect your product in summer and winter time and are easy to precondition. va-Q-tec´s va-Q-accus® cover each desired range of temperature for a period of at least 24 hours and a maximum of 144 hours – constantly and without any deviation.


va-Q-tec´s container rental service

va-Q-tec Ltd. support pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations and healthcare service providers by renting temperature controlled containers. va-Q-tec´s continuously expanding network and worldwide partnerships allow our customers to benefit from a flexible service combined with reliable high performance products. va-Q-tec´s temperature controlled containers help saving costs and can be easily implemented into existing processes.


va-Q-tec´s modular innovation: va-Q-proof

va-Q-proof is a qualified thermal transport box. The modular va-Q-proof system is multifunctional and as versatile as your needs. You can choose between 8 sizes, 5 temperature ranges and 4 performance levels – all with just one standard operating procedure and one setup per temperature range.


No need for a power source, no temperature deviation possible – thanks to va-Q-tec´s combination of VIPs and PCM