Quality and testing specifications for Phase Change Materials

The RAL Quality Mark Phase Change Material is the visible guarantee that customers do only get first-class quality – and not only once but always.
The storage capacity is undoubtedly one of the most important quality criteria, but it is also important that the temperature range in which the heat is stored and released is as constant as possible. The durability of the products is another important aspect. Construction materials for example must function reliably and without any loss in performance for decades.

RAL-GZ 896 is the basis for awarding high quality products with the RAL Quality Mark Phase Change Materials. It defines minimum requirements and testing specifications that are further refined by the Detailed Regulations to RAL-GZ 896.

After a neutral and independent testing institute confirmed compliance in the initial test, an extensive quality management implemented at the producer guarantees continuous compliance. Periodical control inspections are carried out to have the constant quality checked by independent inspectors.