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Video presentation “Calorimetric measurements on PCM”

Dr. Harald Mehling put together a video presentation on “Calorimetric measurements on PCM” recently. It is intended to give an introduction and overview, for people starting to work in the field as well as for people who already have experience. It comprises 36 slides and takes a bit more than half an hour. The content comprises three parts. The first part is an introduction, and gives information on the historic background and a general introduction to standards. The second part describes the RAL standard for industry, including its background, the required data, resolution, and accuracy, a survey of common measurement techniques, results of an internal comparison test, and the standard itself. The third and final part describes the IEA standard for R&D using DSC, which is based on the RAL standard, including its background, the standard, and achieved improvements.

You can download the full presentation here (77 MB).