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Sunamp is a world leader in thermal energy storage thanks to a revolutionary design for batteries containing non-toxic phase change material that stores and releases heat on demand.

Compact and scalable, Sunamp heat batteries are tailored for commercial and domestic use, improving energy efficiency in homes and meeting large scale industrial challenges of grid constraints and curtailment, allowing continuous generation from renewable energy technologies.

The company has immense global growth potential not only in the built environment but also many other industry sectors, including power generation and automotive markets.

SunampPV: a 5 kWh store exhibited in a display case

Sunamp Stack: a large store providing both hot water and central heating


EastHeat – UK Housing Associations are adopting SunampPV technology to cut fuel bills for thousands of tenants by taking the surplus electricity produced by solar PV systems and storing it as heat to produce heat and hot water, with no need for a hot water tank or immersion heater. This has allowed tenants to save up up to 50% on their fuel bills.

Solar PV panels installed on the roof of a bungalow

SunampPV installed under a boiler


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