The 2019 symposium on the use of PCM in buildings is going to take place on 10/11 April 2019. It will be the closing event of the demonstration project PCM Demo II.

The application of phase change materials (PCM) is a superb possibility to improve the energy efficiency of heat and cold supply in the building sector. The symposium will present the concrete results of all projects that were part of the overall demonstration project, including both practical experience with the operation as well as monitoring results of different demo systems.

The symposium will take place in Freiburg (Germany), participation is for free. The event is addressed to specialists and decision makers who would like to get informed about the topic, such as architects, planners, building physicists, energy consultants, municipalities or building cooperatives for example.

You will find more detailed information and the possibility to register in the flyer or on the website of the project.